Bicon Namibia is an independent, multidisciplinary engineering and consulting firm, employing a permanent staff of engineering experts and supporting staff in major engineering disciplines.
It is a well-reputed Namibian consulting company, ranging among the largest consulting engineering offices in Namibia.
BICON Namibia strives to improve the lot of the previously less privileged people of Namibia wherever possible, and this is evident by the high percentage of the previously less privileged people working for BICON, also in the management structure. More than half of all technical staff at BICON comes from this group.

BICON Namibia grants bursaries in the engineering field to talented previously less privileged individuals (PDI's) in Namibia. BICON Namibia also offers in-house training. Suitable Grade 12 graduates are trained to become computer literate and are taught computer aided draughting techniques. The staff is encouraged to improve their education and to obtain professional qualifications. Bicon assists them financially in relevant studies at Technicons or Universities.
Jürgen Kaplan is one of the main founders of the Waldorf School Windhoek. Since the founding of the school in the year 2000 he acted as the Chairperson of the Executive Committee till 2009. Bicon Namibia supported his engagement not only financially but also in sharing his time and energy into this educational contribution to Namibia`s future-building.
Fritz Jeske joint managing director retired in 2014 engaged himself to promote the engineering profession in Namibia. He had been council member on the Engineers Profession Association for 20 years. He also is past president. He served as a council member at the Association for Consulting Engineers. In addition he served on the Engineering Council of Namibia since its foundation. He also served as a board member on the Electricity control Board of Namibia since its foundation.